Why Samsung Galaxy S10 did not make a revolution in the cryptocurrency market?

The revolution is postponed: instead of a powerful push to integration, the cryptocurrency in the daily life of Samsung gave them to the market only its sticker. This conclusion was the analyst of the investment company Exante Victor Argon.

In early March, the South Korean company Samsung began selling his new smartphone

It was expected that the support of the virtual assets of the largest technological company will lead to the market of new participants, and will also give an impetus to the competition in the development of reliable cryptococheries by other manufacturers of smartphones. But after the official start of sales, it became clear that the integration of digital currencies in everyday life would still wait.

It turned out that the built-in cryptocurrency wallet in the new Galaxy S10 is not: it must be installed from the Galaxy Store store. At the same time on Google Play Store this application is missing.

A particularly unexpected surprise was the lack of support for Bitcoin (BTC), although it owns almost 51% of the overall capitalization of the crypton. At the moment, the wallet, called Samsung Blockchain Wallet, supports only the air and created on its currency and tokens of the ERC-20 standard.

For example, Basic Attention Token (Bat), Chainlink (Link), Binancecoin (BNB), BNBs True USD (TUSD), USD COIN (USDC), Paxos Standard (PAX) and others. In addition, there are support for several decentralized applications, among which are famous Cryptokitties.

From a technical point of view, the priority of the tokens of a single standard ERC-20 can be explained: this allows you to maintain several hundred cryptocurrency at once and avoid vulnerabilities associated with the optimization of the wallet for other standards. But it resembles a professional broker, ready to invest for you anything other than gold. No information on support for BTC in the future from Samsung has not yet been.

Wallet really looks reliable. For secure storage of private keys, Samsung probably uses a hardware-protected Arm Trustzone coprocessor (which has been used in the KNOX line for several years). It is worth noting that Apple uses a similar IOS solution for storing fingerprints and face recognition — this ensures data security even in the case of a hacking of the operating system.

Although Samsung Blockchain Wallet is not a built-in default application, there is a high probability that the smartphone will attract the cryptocurrency of new people who experience greater confidence in the famous brand than to traditional cryptococheries. To convince doubters, Samsung Insights also also contains a report to which mobile devices are much safer to storing cryptocurrency than previous varieties of cryptococheries.

There is a lawsager question: will the blockchain-smartphones be so popular that the example of Samsung will follow other manufacturers? Trend is obvious: Galaxy S10 — not the first smartphone with a wallet for cryptocurrency, the pioneer in this area was


In the future, smartphones with cryptococherrel have a huge potential in order to change not only the market of mobile devices, but also the whole world business and even geopolitics. In 2015-2016 it was impossible to imagine that the largest South Korean corporation would venture on marketing and PR risks in connection with the use of cryptocurrency. And even in 2017-2018, South Korea had a country reputation, not too friendly to cryptocurrency. But if the samsung wallet is successful, it will be a signal for South Korea, and for other technologically developed countries: a large business is now unequivocally on the side cryptocurrency.

Ultimately, the samsung brand sticker on a cryptocurrency wallet can help the world legalization cryptocurrency. Avoid opponents of virtual currencies ban all new smartphones!