Why Russian exhibitions robots like only children

Technological development causes people not only practical, but also aesthetic interest. Thanks to the Internet, you can view the video about the newest robots, but only museums and exhibitions can consider their lively. What can be viewed in Russian robots museums and what feedback leave about such establishments, read further.

One of the popular institutions of the capital in this direction is called

This museum of robots in Moscow is interactive. In addition to ordinary visits, you can record a child to study the robotics azes or send to the thematic camp on vacation.

Reviews about Robostation on VDNH according to TripAdvisor, leave a dual impression (52% — excellent, 18% — very good, not bad and poorly 7%, 16% — terrible). Many entities liked, but there were negative feedback, the authors of which spared the money spent. For example, eyewitnesses note strong noise, because of which it was impossible to communicate with interactive machines, and some kinds were buggy or strongly outdated. Other visitors noted the simplicity of algorithms on which exhibits are functioning — nothing like

The second institution in Moscow is called «

Unfortunately, it is not worth looking for innovative achievements in this place. Machines themselves simply stand in order for them to admire or make a beautiful photo. The small interactive department is just radio-controlled machines. In a word — an exhibition of iron crafts, which will have to do with children.

Museum of the uprising of cars in St. Petersburg is closed. In addition, in the cultural capital, constantly stopped and another establishment of this direction is the «Empire Robots». Judging by the reviews, the main chief of the project was fantastic characters like an iron man or a terminator made in full size. In this place, the functional industrial designs was impossible.

The exhibitions called «Empire Robots» move throughout Russia. It is worth noting that the set of activities at these exhibitions is different, but everywhere there is a VR zone. The most interesting cars:

For example, there were about 50 exhibits in Ufa, which, judging by the reviews, more resemble interactive toys. We are talking about such machines as BB-8 from «Star Wars» and AP-2. Despite this, there are more impressive robots that are able to support the conversation. In addition, light show from plasma is carried out, you can look at the mini-tornado or twist in the centrifuge.

In Perm Exhibition

The specified prices are approximately the same in all cities: from 400 to 600 rubles. Summing up at this exhibition, the main idea of an insufficient number of relevant innovative machines remains, as evidenced by numerous reviews. Do not forget that the exhibition is focused on children under 10 years old, and they like it, judging by the comments.

This exhibition took place in St. Petersburg from October to December last year with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science. The main thing is that in its description on the official

Undoubtedly, such exhibitions of robots for children must be carried out. The only remark is that it is necessary to keep up with the times and pay attention not only to the show, but also of functionality, practicality. Get or make a system like