What to do with VK Coin after the cessation of mining

For two weeks of the VK Coin service, more than 10 million people took advantage of them, the shadow market for the exchange of VK Coins was formed on rubles and the mining stage was completed. From the side, the whole project was similar to the first cryptocurrency of VKontakte, but the social network calls this service only by the game.

Not a single mention of the words «cryptocolivota», «blockchain», «decentralization» or «distributed registry» is not in the official description of the service in the help section VK.com. Coin Vkontakte can be called

Then the «Shop» section appeared and now it is already possible to exchange virtual coins on a subscription online Cinema IVI or discounts in Delivery Club. If the coins can pay any real services or goods, then they actually become a payment facility, even if not officially. Now the currency is needed not only for entering the game top.

As a result, the game-clicker began to form a VK Coin exchange market to rubles, although the functionality of the service does not imply this function. Help warns that the exchange of coins of users spend on their own risk and saving from such trades.

The mining is no longer, respectively, there is no gaming component. Now participants can exchange accumulated funds and periodically visit the «Store» section in anticipation of the new currency sales capabilities. What can be expected in the development of the service?

We will take away from possible ways to develop a service and consider real threats to the loss of funds in the application.

Haip always attracts dishonest people, and such popularity of the project allows them to be seriously progress. The most popular method of their work — messages and comments on the free distribution of tokens. The text of such messages contains a link to the phishing site, where you are asked to enter a password and login. Further, your account is mastered by fraudsters and translate the mined tokens to their account. Then they sell vk coin for fate money.

A simpler fraud is an ordinary deception when dealing. To track fraudsters is impossible, since the application does not even provide the account display function that has made a translation.

The popularity of the application arose due to the possibility of fighting for the top list of the richest «miners» and attracting traffic to their page or group, but now only the currency remained. If VK Pay will not offer an extensive list of options for spending tokens, soon the service will be forgotten as the next High game.