Volunteers robots will help disabled fans during the 2020 Olympic Games

The organizers of the Olympic Games in Tokyo presented two new types of robots that will help fans with limited physical abilities during sports competitions.

The company Toyota is responsible for the development of volunteer robots. The first type of devices (HSR) will help people, bringing it subjects, raising the fallen things from the ground and performing other small orders. It is equipped with one retractable hand, cameras, sensors and AI system, which will ensure the execution of certain commands. However, management will require a special tablet with a ready-made list of possible actions.

The second type of robots is designed as automated devices for delivery of things with a built-in beverage pallet. Although it looks more like an urn for garbage with blinking lamps, but, according to Toyota engineers, this technology will provide more comfortable conditions to people in wheelchairs.

Developers say that they will continue to improve the devices and work on the addition of new useful functions. During the 2020 Olympic Games, it is planned to use 16 units of each of the presented types of volunteer robots. Additionally, the event organizers presented the Exoskeleton Panasonic, which will help with the delivery of goods or heavy baggage brought by athletes and officials.

According to the organizers, they want to go beyond the framework of the Tokyo Olympiad of 1964 in terms of heritage. Recall that the cultural ultra-speed ultra-speed passenger express was launched, symbolizing the country’s restoration after the Second World War.

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