Victim users Mt.

Trust Managing Cryptobyri Mt. Gox Nobuaki Kobayashi completed the consideration of the claims of victims requiring the compensation of lost funds, and in the near future they will be notified of the decision regarding their requests.

From the moment of closure

Recall that in 2014 cryptochege Mt. GOX has ceased after discovery of hacking and loss of 850 thousand bits, which at that time was about $ 460 million. As a result, about 24 thousand users were injured. After the recent recognition of the fault of the former head, Mark Carpeles, the mechanism of distribution of the remaining funds was launched.

Last fall, Nobuaki Kobayashi sold part of bitcoins for $ 230 million, and it is believed that he received another $ 400 million from the implementation of coins at the end of 2017. For that, he was called «Tokyo KIET», and some are even accused of two major price collaps.

Today, the Exchange has 629.6 million in Fiat, 141.7 thousand BTC and 142.8 thousand BCH, and this is another 593 million in dollar equivalent. There are enough assets to cover damage, and the question of the remnant is promised to solve in the payment process. However, the court does not exclude the possibility of receipt of new applications for compensation.

Despite the facts of court proceedings, the platforms continue to falsify information about their activities. According to recent