Venture investments in crypto startups reached almost $ 1 billion in 2019

PitchBook Data has been conducting research of private capital markets. According to the data collected, in the first third of the year, venture capital investors have invested $ 850 million in blockchain projects.

In comparison with the previous year, large companies Microsoft Corp and London Stock Exchange Group increased investment 5 times to $ 2.4 billion Banco Santander and the London Stock Exchange took part in the project financing, which is engaged in issuing debt obligations using a decentralized blockcha. The size of the investment was $ 20 million. Bakkt, one of the most discussed companies in 2018, attracted more than $ 180 million from investors. The average size of sponsorship in 2019 has already amounted to $ 6.5 million, which is only $ 1.5 million less than for the entire last year.

There are also unsuccessful examples of transactions. Recognition of secondary tokens In the Basis Basis, the valuable paper made project managers to close the case and return about $ 133 million to their sponsors, as you can buy securities for read customers. Investors included such giants like Google, Andreessen Horowitz, Alphabet, GV and Bain Capital Ventures. The attention of the sponsors lost not only financial companies, but also manufacturers of equipment. Because of the falling courses, the cryptocurrency, huge damage was the Bitmain plant and was forced to postpone the planned IPO.

In general, PitchBook’s report indicates a large potential of investments in start-up blockchain, aimed at the practical application of a distributed registry. An example of a successful project can be called Revolut, which attracted $ 250 million from the sponsors. Coordinator