Twitch users reported that the platform stops supporting cryptocurrency

Last week, users of the Twitch video booking service began to report that the platform no longer accepts payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment subscriptions.

One of the clients of the platform reported on Reddit that Twitch deleted from the list of payment methods BitPay service, with which it was previously possible to pay BTC and BTC. He noted that over the past few weeks, this feature has become unavailable to users of all countries.

Another user pointed out that the new version of the StreamLabs is a popular software used to obtain recommendations — now also does not allow the possibility of cryptoplates.

Some clients outraged such changes, so they decided to cancel their subscriptions and sent the administration of the company’s company with request to return the cryptocurrency into the list of payment methods.

Twitch began to take bitcoins since 2016, using the Coinbase payment gateway. Representatives of the platform are not commenting about changes.

The opposite policy is conducted by the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey, who recently announced the plans to hire a new team of developers and