Tron has the fastest growing database Dapps, but Ethereum still holds the leading position

According to the statistical data of the analytical site, the number of DAPPS users based on Ethereum per year decreased by 4%, while applications on EOS and Tron blocks are quickly gaining popularity.

The report says that although most Dapps developers still give preference to Etheruum and it leads in this market, the platform begins to experience problems with a decline of activity and user numbers. Analysts also note a significant reduction in «old» users, since only 7% (72422 people) those who visited applications in 2018 continue to enter them now. The most loyal are gamers.

The researchers calculated that for the first quarter the total DAPPS transactions on Ethereum, STEEM, EOS, and Tron amounted to $ 3.2 billion, and the last two platforms already account for more than $ 1 billion. At the same time, the activity of decentralized EOS applications reaches 95%, and Throne more than 80%. On the other hand, in the 600 Dapps, there was no single transaction in the last 3 months in the battery in Etheric.

Since the beginning of the year, the throne applications have more than 300 thousand active users, the EOS is followed by about 260 thousand. It is noted that the main increase occurs at the expense of gambling, and the best development rates have a tron on which the historical record has been recorded in March DAPP transactions. The amount of day turnover then exceeded $ 91 million, which exceeds the historical maxima of Etherium and EOS.

Tron’s success is associated with the continuous technical development of the network. Recently, startup announced the launch of the protocol