Toyota will start producing moon all-terrain vehicles

Toyota, together with the Japanese Aerospace Agency, is working to create a six-wheel lunar all-terrain vehicle, at which two members of the expedition will be able to drive up to 10 thousand km. The first vehicles are planning to send to the surface of the satellite in 2029.

The Toyota-Jaxa Rover Length will be six meters and externally, it will be similar to the bus. Inside the all-terrace, there will be enough free space (13 m2) so that astronauts can live in it during long research missions on the surface of the moon. According to Toyota representatives, while in the car, people will be able to shoot their protective suits.

To generate and accumulate energy, the luniter will use fuel cells and solar panels. It will also allow Rowers to independently get to the meeting place with the crew, since they are planned to be sent to the surface in advance and in various areas of research.

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