The new graphene based foam remains soft even at -269 ° C

Created from oxygen and microscopic particles of graphene foam remains soft and flexible even with cryogenic and extremely high temperatures.

In conditions of strong cold, most of the materials become rigid and fragile. However, the new foam, invented by scientists from the Chinese University of Nankai, even at -269.15 ° C remains as elastic as at room temperature.

To create it, the researchers mixed separate oxygen atoms and tiny pieces of graphene. The material formed has a mesh structure and retains its strength due to graphene particles, which are easily flex and resistant to rupture. With deformation of carbon-oxygen bonds that bind these sheets, remain durable.

During the tests, the materials of the material scientists have repeatedly compressed foam samples at different temperatures. The mechanical properties of the material did not change even when exposed to liquid helium and with compression to 10% of its original thickness. Scientists also found that elasticity is preserved and when heated up to 1000 ° C and after hundreds of compression.

Recall that recently Swiss scientists synthesized a new complex lipid, which