The BitMain application on the IPO is outdated and remaining not considered

The term of the application for the IPO of the Chinese Giant Cripto Industry Bitmain approached completion, but it seems that members of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Committee never considered it for six months from the date of delivery.

The Listing Regulations on HKEX provides a commission of 6 months to familiarize themselves with the application of the applicant, discussion and final decision. If during this period the company does not receive a response, then the document automatically becomes invalid.

The BitMain application was published on September 26, 2018, but there are still no hearing reports on this issue. Previously, Chinese media reported that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was not solved to approve the listing of the company and therefore delayed the submission of the verdict, although HKEX representatives themselves denied.

In the summer, on the eve of filing an application for an IPO, analysts were evaluated by Bitmain at $ 15 billion, so this primary public placement could potentially become the largest in the history of the IT market. However, the continuing collance of the cryptors and the accompanying crisis of crypto industry, significantly worsened performance indicators, which was reflected in the company’s financial statements and cooled the interest of investors, and subsequently led to restructuring,

Such changes caused concerns from the HKEX representatives who began