Sony introduced a 16K resolution screen

Sony has created an impressive 16K screen in Japan, which holds 64 times more pixels than Full HD 1080p display. The observing the sensations comparable to virtual reality are created.

A screen of 19.2 m and 5.4 m wide is greater than the bus, but the video is played without any blur. Such high quality provides Sony Crystal LED branded micron technology that does not require backlight, but it is much brighter than the OLED and provides a deep black color.

Although the display presented actually consists of several separate modular panels, but due to the lack of frames, the image looks like a fusion and has no separation lines. The huge device was installed in the research center of the Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido at the level of the first and second floors.

However, in the near future, such solutions will be available only to the corporate sectors. According to experts, this technology will require decades to get to the consumer market. Since in addition to the technical difficulties and the need for high-quality video recordings, Crystal LED is currently too expensive technology for widespread use.

Due to the lack of a suitable video with 16k quality, Sony created its own roller showing the wild nature of a natural value using an algorithm that adds missing pixels to 8K-frames.

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