Seven technological Russian franchises from the exhibition BUYBRAND- 2019 and Festival Franchises

Two franchise exhibitions were held in March — Franchise Festival 2019 at VDNH and Buybrand Franchise Market in Expocenter. About 150 franchises presented their business. We chose 7 technological franchises, learned the sum of the entrance and the monthly profit from the founders and project managers.

To make an appointment with the doctor, fix housing and utilities readings, you can get technical support using a robotic intelligent platform for automation of voice communications. Such robots already take part of the tasks of sales managers, operators and interviewers. The platform from Novosibirsk developers works on the basis of artificial intelligence and can recognize and generate speech. In a minute, the robot can call 1,000 people.

The project is rather not a franchisee, but active partners to attract customers. The company only begins development in new regions, and all conditions are discussed with potential partners individually. According to Anna Galitsky, Director for the development of an affiliate network, by 2021 the autocommunications market will be occupied by only 20%, the market just began to master.

Chat Bot for Telegram, Watsappa and Instagram from the founder of one of the most popular CRM systems AMOCRM Daniel Satikova. «Chat bots perform two key tasks for business, — divides information about the product manager Artemenko Ilya. — Chat Bot marketing is increasing the number of applications. According to statistics, about 7% of site visitors left applications if a person goes into chat bots, then the response rises to 80%. Phone numbers are automatically sent to the CRM system of the entrepreneur. «

Currently there are two franchise packages. A package worth 1.5 million rubles will allow entrepreneurs to work under their own brand name to optimize the current business. For 400 thousand rubles, the entrepreneur works centrally from Terrabot and is looking for partners in need of chat-bote. Now 58 partners are working in different cities. Middle earnings per month from 100 to 500 thousand rubles.

In December 2018, the Synergy Business School launched a franchise. The school has been working for 30 years, but the greatest popularity was obtained thanks to the organization of the Business Couth Seminar Tony Robbinson in Russia. Tickets for the event cost from 30 thousand to half a million rubles. The seminar has caused a huge surge of reviews, mostly negative.

Starting investments for work under the brand Synergy begins from 600 thousand to 17 million rubles, depending on the region. Payback about 8-10 months. There are already 50 partners already connected to the project. Franchisee earn on the sale of educational programs, organizing school events and tickets to the main activities: Synergy Global Forum, Synergy Insight Forum and transformation.

In Europe and the United States, electrosocamp lease services have already become popular. Bird’s first kickshering service founded one of the top managers of Uber Travis Vanderzandden, now the company is estimated at $ 2 billion. In Moscow, Sochi and Krasnodar, rides on rental electrical sizes are available. Whether this type of transport will be popular in other cities of Russia, while talking early.

To start your kickshring and join the Togo team, you need to invest 175 thousand rubles. For this amount, the franchisee receives 5 equipped electrosamakats connected to the RIGHTECH IOT platform. According to the representative of Viktor Markov, the business pays off within 2-2.5 months.

The team from Krasnodar develops bodice in its region and builds an affiliate network with other regions. The Company’s goal: «Make a bike available mode of transport throughout the country, thereby improve the lives of all residents: to reduce the number of traffic jams, improve the ecology and health of people. Investments in the project begins from 3 million rubles. Based on the financial model, the business pays off in one season, subject to the company’s marketing strategy.

Cyberville helps future programmers and researchers to conquer cyberspace. In centers, children program robots, create computer games and simulate instruments and mechanisms. The guys learn to work in a team and create existing products.

Investments in the project from 1.5 million rubles, planned profit from one center 250 thousand rubles. The developers of the franchise offer the franchisee to open the center from scratch or expand the line of directions by the current centers of additional education.

Build a prom robus with the help of robots of Russian production offers Alfarobotics. Kiki’s robot-promoter can be bought or rent at events and exhibitions. The robot will support a conversation with visitors in several languages and advertises products. Plus, franchises are weak competition, the market of commercial robotics is at the initial stage of development. Although the offer is soon suitable for existing promotional companies wishing to expand their services. The cost of the robot from 900 thousand rubles.