SEC extended the time consideration of Vaneck and BitWise applications for the launch of Bitcoin-ETF

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) postponed the decision on two applications for the launch of Bitcoin-ETF for another 45 days.

The first offer for the cryptocurrency traded at the Exchange Fund submitted to NYSE ARCA BitWise Asset Management.

The Commission also considers the proposal of the Vaneck and Solidx companies that want to run Bitcoin-ETF on the Chicago Exchange Exchange (CBOE). Initially, this application was sent to the regulator almost a year ago, but after tightening the decision during the closing of the government, it was withdrawn to avoid automatic deviation.

Despite this transfer, the regulation allows the regulator to delay the process up to 240 days, as was last year.

Many expect approval at least one application, as this stimulates the cryptocurrency market and attract the attention of institutional investors to Bitcoin. However, some experts believe that SEC will not be solved for this due to the controversial relationship of the government and banks to decentralized virtual assets.

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