On Mars first recorded an earthquake

The researchers first recorded seismic activity in the depths of the Martian surface. The first earthquake, discovered outside the Earth and the Moon, will help asthophysics better understand the history of the formation of a neighboring planet.

Weak shocks recorded the SEIS Seismometer of the NASA Probe Insight 128 days after landing on the surface. The French CNES Space Agency reported that the sensors have discovered relatively weak seismic energy, which is closer to the indicators of the moon than the Earth. Although initially scientists have expected that the power of jolts will be about average.

Also, it was also unknown whether the earthquake was caused by the movement inside Mars or was the result of the fall of the meteorite on the surface. The researchers team continues to work on confirmation of the cause of the impetus.

The impulse was so weak that he would not even notice it on Earth, they speak at the Institute of Aeronautics and Outer Space in Toulouse.

In March, Insight also recorded three other similar signals, but weaker. Their source is still unclear.

Photo of seismograph Seis for 110 mission day.

In 2021, for a more thorough study of Mars, researchers plan to use