New Tesla cars will equip a full-fledged unmanned control system.

Tesla has begun production of MODEL X and Model S with a progressive unmanned control system based on Hardware 3, which provides for the autopilot navigation, the ability to automatically change the strip of movement, independent parking, improved call function, as well as response to road signals and traffic lights.

Although the new system will be able to independently perform many actions, but still will require the participation of the driver, providing a semi-autonomous control model. For innovation, specifies the site description code in which the built-in autopilot is assigned an APH4 code, which indicates the presence of the third generation of hardware.

Special software and neural network will take into account information from 8 cameras, 12 ultrasound sensors and anterior radar.

Information is consistent with the Oktyabrsky statement of Ilona Mask, which then

HW3 performance is more than 5 times higher than that of the active version of the navigation system.

Recall that recently Ilon Mask presented a new electric car