New liquid metal can be manipulated in three-dimensional space, as in the terminator

Scientists have developed a new magnetic liquid metal that is able to stretch and move in three-dimensional space without the need for complete immersion into the liquid.

In the film «Terminator», an evil robot could take various forms and penetrate through narrow holes due to its liquid-metal structure. Modern devices do not have such opportunities, but a team of researchers from American Chemical Society has improved technology. Scientists have developed a new metal that can be used to create flexible robotics.

Former variants of liquid metals have a high surface tension, therefore, they can only move horizontally and require full immersion into the liquid to prevent thickening. In order to solve this problem, scientists have added iron particles into the alloy of gallium, indium and tin, immersed in hydrochloric acid. A layer of gallium oxide was formed on the surface of the drop, which reduced the surface tension of the liquid metal.

With the help of two magnets, they stretched the substance almost four times, and could also raise it vertically into the air and move the raised part horizontally to connect the two electrodes and light the LED lamp. Researchers compare metal with amphibian.

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