Modern technologies: 2019 trends

Not so long ago, many modern technologies were considered fantastic ideas and were not rarely rejected. However, progress continues to accelerate, having a huge impact on society and business. Therefore, we considered key tendencies of the development of technologies that should be expected in 2019.

Small businesses and individuals often avoid lawsuits, as they require significant costs, too time-consuming and bureaucratic. As a result, part of the money remains unclaimed, the cracked work is unposted, and injustice continues to strengthen. However, inexpensive legal services based on artificial intelligence may open full-fledged access to the legal system for people and companies that cannot afford it.

In 2019, automation will make a significant step towards the legal sector: applications and online services will be able to replace a visit to the office of a lawyer on many ordinary legal problems.

Legal Tech technologies are able to help not only by reducing the cost of services, but also through greater client coverage, consultation. Machine learning algorithms have already proven that they can cope with many tasks not worse than experienced lawyers. For example, when verifying contracts for potential disadvantages.

Already, more than 60 million disputes are permitted annually with the help of eBay automated processes, which is twice as large as all Russian courts for 2018.

IT experts predict that over the next 12 months in the world, a very authentic looking fake video will be released, which can cause significant damage to diplomatic relations between countries or undermine the reputation of public person.

Founded on artificial intelligence Deepfakes technology allows you to create fake videos with images of people who are almost impossible to distinguish from real. At the moment it has already reached such a high level, which can cause a geopolitical incident. Despite the fact that the technology is relatively new, it is incredibly developing quickly, and fake rollers are becoming easier and cheaper to create.

Many researchers (from universities to military) work on solutions that can detect the generated video. At the development stage there are digital tools that may, for example, to quickly detect whether video changed pixels or point biological signals, such as a heartbeat violation of the heartbeat.

Today, the relevant problem has become the stability of harmful microorganisms to antibiotics. This is faced with both people and animals. Despite the development of several strategies of the struggle, the number of sustainable infections continues to grow threatening pace.

Every year more than 15 million surgical operations are performed in Russia, and each third requires a preventive course of antibiotics. If the medications are not effective, the risk of death even from the simplest intervention will increase dramatically. Many complications can also be hazardous to life.

Therefore, hundreds of groups from all over the world are working to reduce the abuse and excessive use of antibiotics by creating a quick and affordable test for bacterial infections. Successful implementation will help accelerate treatment, increase its effectiveness, as well as avoid receiving extra drugs.

Instead of the examiners for a long time and carefully tested the final work at the end of the year, the algorithm can quickly and objectively take into account all the tasks for each discipline. Not only is such an assessment more flexible, it can also be more useful for students. Examinations measure only a narrow range of knowledge, not allowing to accurately determine their depth, awareness and independence of thinking.

In China, 60,000 schools are already participating in a government program providing for a hidden evaluation of work with the help of AI.

Such tools also allow to analyze the ability and skills of students when solving problems, work in a team and even tolerance. For example, last year’s results of the Pisa test (Global Rating of ECD Educational Systems) evaluated the skills of joint problems, using the answers of students on Chat Bota questions.

On other trends in the development of modern technologies, we will tell