Intel will create a supercomputer with performance 1 Exafflops

Intel, together with Cray Computing, will build a supercomputer Aurora for the US Department of Energy, which will be able to produce 1 quintillion (1018) computing operations per second.

The device is planned to be installed in the Argon National Laboratory in Chicago in 2021. At the time of launching Aurora should become the most powerful computer not only in the United States, but also in the world. According to Intel representatives, the achievement of the Power Examstead will bring supercomputers to a new level, which will contribute to the acceleration of the development of the science and life of citizens.

Contractors still do not disclose the specific technical characteristics of the project, even power consumption. However, it is known that Aurora will use the Intel Xeon processor, the Optane DC memory, the X Compute and One API architecture.

In the process of operation, the device will combine tremendous performance with artificial intelligence technologies for medical research, climate modeling and the study of socio-economic mechanisms.

The leadership of the Argon Laboratory said that more than 500 million will be spent on the study of suicide prevention methods, improving the methods for predicting global weather changes, the search for more efficient materials for solar cells and the development of large-scale experimental space simulations.

However, the United States has a strong competitor in this direction. In China, in August, the supercomputer of the new generation