In the Ethereum Parity client found a potential error

The Bitmex Cryptobyrian Research Department discovered a potential error in the Ethereum Parity client, which attackers can take advantage of double spending.

The estimated error was revealed during the start and testing of a new analytical tool of the trading platform —, intended for the collection of key metrics of the Etheric nodes. The command collected data from the complete Ethereum Parity node, but in 12 days it was never synchronized, lagging behind 450 thousand blocks.

The fact itself is not critical, since the system setting the system is faster than the growth of the blockchain chain, therefore it is a matter of time. However, it helped Bitmex researchers to detect a potential error in Ethereum Parity. They argue that the client sometimes reports the completion of synchronization, although in fact can lag behind hundreds of thousands of blocks from the actual vertex.

According to researchers, intruders can take advantage of this loophole, although it is unlikely. Potentially, the user can accept the incoming payment as proven, since its client indicates full synchronization. This allows the fraudster to make a double spending at greater height, since the blockchain deems the first erroneous operation due to the smaller proof of the work performed.

Although analysts argue that in practice it is quite difficult to implement, but do not exclude such an opportunity. The probability is significantly increasing if organized groups operate. Recall that, according to the UN, North Korea