Hackers robbed Singapore Cryptobria Dragonex

Singaporek cryptocurrency exchange Dragonex reported the hacking and theft of the platform assets and its users. The administration appealed to the police, and also asked other trading platforms and large cryptocompany to freeze the stolen means.

Hacking occurred on March 24 and immediately was recorded by the staff of Dragonex. The amount of losses has not yet been disclosed, but the administration indicated 20 addresses of cryptococheries (1 to each stolen virtual currency), which is expected to be translated by stolen assets. The list includes Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Riple (XRP), Lightcoin (LTC), EOS, Teaser (USDT) and other less popular assets.

Representatives of the platform also reported the return of the part of the stolen means and blocking assets translated by hackers on Huobi and Gate.io. After adding that in any case the company will take all responsibility for the incomedent.

In addition to local law enforcement agencies, Dragonex asked for help from colleagues and other market participants, and also informed several judicial administrations, including Estonia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Recall that the recently trust management cryptobiri Mt. Gox.