Geekuniversity opens a set at the Big Data Analytics Faculty

GEEKUNIVERSITY Online University announced the launch of the Big Data Analytics Faculty of April 18. Students will unlighten modern technology analysis of large data and acquire the necessary skills to work in IT companies. Graduates are guaranteed employment.

Students will receive all the necessary competencies to solve real business tasks: learn to work with databases, pump knowledge in mathematics and statistics, study machine learning algorithms and the basics of ETL, Big Data Analytory Tools (Hadoop, Apache Spark), Assigns Skills — Systems.

For a year and a half years of study, they will be able to solve 6 design tasks to work with data and apply the surveyed skills in practice. Graduates will receive evidence and certificate confirming the acquired qualifications.

Faculty teachers are practitioners and employees of large companies with profile education and extensive experience. Each student will enshrine a mentor who will help to quickly solve any questions.

To enroll in Geekuniversity can everyone. If the result of the entrance test is below the passing point, you can use the preparatory courses to prevent missing knowledge.