For the first quarter of 2019, ICO attracted 58 times less money than in the same period of 2018

According to the results of the first quarter of 2019, total all primary places of coins collected about $ 118 million, which is 58.4 times less than in the first three months of 2018, when the market has attracted $ 6.9 billion.

This was reported by WSJ analysts, which relied on the TECKENDATA site. In their opinion, the cause of such cooling of interest from investors was the actions of regulators and a protracted general decline in the market of virtual currencies.

The report also says that from 2.5 thousand projects, which representatives of Tokendata were observed since 2017, only 45% of ICO were able to assemble the required amount of funds. At the same time, analysts calculated that only 15% of the tokens, successfully completed the primary places of coins, traded at the price of selling or more expensive.

The abundance of scam projects and the increase in the number of criminal cases excited against them, scare investors, and the startups themselves are already afraid of mentioning ICO. Therefore, the organizers are increasingly beginning to give preference to STO as the main way to attract money. Experts also note that the ICO model can soon disappear at all.

Despite some changes, the digital assets market continues to actively develop and attract large capital. Therefore, LEDGER and LEGACY TRUST have created