Cold plasma destroys 99.9% flying in the air viruses

Studies have shown that hazardous viruses transmitted by air droplet can be neutralized with ionized or charged air molecules. This will create in the future instantly sterilizing masks and ventilation equipment.

Now filtering and ultraviolet radiation are used to combat pathogens. The first version is ineffective, and the second requires a certain exposure time. However, scientists from the University of Michigan demonstrated that the disinfection process using a low-temperature plasma can destroy 99.9% of viruses in the air flow passing through a special reactor.

To do this, they placed the created installation on the airflow path with a safe virus. The balls from borosilicate glass were placed inside the reactor, of which cylindrical and flat filters were formed. Viruses along with air flow passed through the free space between the balls. It is in these voids that charged particles of air molecules are formed. Therefore, passing through them pathogens were oxidized by unstable atoms (radicals), as a result of which was inactivated.

The researchers also found that 99% of air sterilization efficiency was achieved due to the effects of cold plasma, and only 0.9% due to filtration.

The team conducted tests near the livestock farm, because it believes that in the near future the technology will be most in demand in this area. However, scientists also plan to develop disinfecting equipment for surgical rooms and compact personal protection devices.

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