Coinmarketcap added a metric of fundamental evaluation cryptocurrency

A new metric was added to the coinmarketcap platform, reflecting the fundamental evaluation of cryptocurrency (FCAS), the name «Health».

The indicator offers an in-depth analysis of each asset, taking into account the activity of its users, the actions of the developer team and the maturity of the market. Metric allows you to determine the current level of the well-being of the project and the dynamics of its development.

Assessment of user activity includes an analysis of the behavior of the owners of specific cryptocurrencies, the features of its use and network activity (the number and actions of the participants, stock exchanges, smart canfronts).

Developer’s actions determine the pace of development and community efficiency for each blockchain. The indicator takes into account 30 factors, among which the data on changes and improvements of the program code and the overall activity of the team.

The assessment of the maturity of the market is based on the analysis of the risk factors, the capitalization of the project, the potential of further growth and levels of profitability in various market development scenarios.

At the time of writing the material, Bitcoin estimates are 885 points, Etherium — 909, Ripl — 751, and Bitcoin Cash received only 535 points, and the teaser is only 437. The leader is now EOS with 914 points.

Perhaps soon in the list of the best assets will appear the security-tokens, which