Chapter Brian Armstronsal Three Problems of Cryptovaluat Supplement to Global Use

According to Brian Armstrong, Coinbase Ceinbase General Director, the mass use is cryptocurrency largely depend on volatility, scalability and convenience.

Responding to a question about the prospects for global adoption of virtual currencies, the head of the trading platform said that this is enough to solve only three main problems.

According to Armstrong, sharp fluctuations in the cryptoms make it difficult to attract traditional investors. Therefore, the industry needs more stable courses, which can be achieved by increasing the number of coins usage options to attract a larger number of users, as well as with the help of stelkopins.

Coinbase head also added that at the moment about ten groups are engaged in the development of virtual currency scalability technologies, such as

In addition, Brian Armstrong noted that now users need to make too many operations to start working with digital assets. In his opinion, retail investors should have no difficulty in the process of using applications.

However, he does not simply argue about global adoption, but actively contributes to this process. Recently, Coinbase announced that in the framework of the popularization program cryptocurrency