Browser users Brave will start receiving cryptocurrency for viewing advertising

Web browser Brave launched an option that will allow users to receive a reward for viewing advertising in the form of Basic Attention Token cryptocurrency (BAT).

Initially, the blockchain browser blocks ads and trackers, but when connecting Brave ADS, users will be able to earn 70% of advertising income. The remuneration will be paid on the cryptocoelek only in the form of a native token of the project.

Brave does not transmit information about the behavior of users, and independently selects suitable ads for display. The innovation will allow companies to contact people interested in advertising, reducing costs and risks associated with confidentiality, security and fraud.

The resulting BAT by default will be automatically distributed to the subscriptions of frequently visited sites and payment of additional services, but when the function is disconnected, the means will begin to accumulate in the wallet. So far, the accrued tokens cannot be removed due to the lack of KYC solution, which is already working on the creation. After the introduction of the user identification system, they will be able to freely dispose of BAT, without fear of fraudsters. It will be possible to output funds through the company’s partners, such as Uphold and Coinbase.

For two years, the Brave web browser has become popular and default is installed in HTC smartphones, including a model