Boston Dynamics introduced a lovely wheel job for a warehouse

Boston Dynamics presented the Handle wheel robot robot for the effective and accurate execution of loading and unloading work in the warehouse.

The new version of the automated helper is equipped with a single mechanical limb with a gripper on suction cups, thanks to which it captures and holds the object. The maximum load capacity of the device is 15 kg, although the boxes on the video weighed only 5 kg. Despite this, dexterity, the radius of action and balancing on the demonstration at first glance is impressive.

Representatives of the company argue that handle can work with pallets with a depth of 1.2 m and 1.7 m high, and also independently fold and disassemble the corresponding marked pallets (even mixed) after their initialization and location. To do this, the surveillance system is built into the work limb, which tracks and notes pallets for navigating and finding individual boxes for their capture and placement.

Although Boston Dynamics still focuses on ATLAS and Spot helpers, engineers believe that the new one-handed loader can improve warehouse logistics and improve the overall efficiency of enterprises. However, most likely, such an automated loader will be quite expensive, so only leading companies with a high level of organization of workflow can be allowed to afford it.

In any case, the development is strongly distinguished against the background of most existing warehouse robots, which are autonomous trolleys, and one more step brings us to