Blockchal problems

The organization of the work of a distributed registry is much more complicated than private servers. The ETHEREUM platform is designed so that the so-called GAS is needed for each transaction. In fact, it means that the Commission for carrying out this purchase will be added to the purchase price of any game subject. The CONSTANTINOPLE consisted of Hardfork reduces the average size of GAS 10 times, but does not remove it completely. These costs are charged from user pockets, although no one wants to pay extra for the implementation of ordinary gaming actions.

There are no commission to the Majneram Commission, but there is another problem — the lack of processor network processor time. EOSIO software is designed to prevent spam. To do this, each user is given the right to use the EOS CPU in proportion to the number of money invested in the network. At least it should be.

EOS Knights players were the first to see the shortcomings of this system. The newcomer is enough to make a one-time investment in 1 EOS to buy all the heroes, but the wallet must contain at least 50 EOS to maintain the intensity of the gameplay and this is not the limit. Depending on the activity of BlockTwitter, the maximum loading of the CPU can dramatically decrease and reach the level in which the account will be blocked. It turns out that the network literally requires the presence of a large amount of tokens just to continue to play. Such protection against spam is inconvenient now and will become even more problematic during the next Xip cryptocurrency and the corresponding growth in the number of gamers.

The meaning of cryptocurrency in games is the synchronization of a real wallet and a gaming balance for direct settlements without intermediaries. There are two directions where the block chain is applicable and justified: gembling and cybersport. The crypt is not needed there for gaming logic, but exclusively for payments. Theoretically, there may be successful to be as follows, which will have a popular franchise, an analogue of the open world and a powerful economic system. The problem is that no one will do such projects without experience, and experienced programmers understand all the minuses of the blockchain in games and simply will not take into this matter.

One programmers shared the statistics of crypto-games that came across his career. Of the 26 applications 24 turned out to be failed for the customer because of the lack of a work strategy of earnings on the application. The truth is, in principle, «people should pay for the game, and not to receive money from her,» the economy will only come down.

Blockchain games can be divided into 2 types:

One-day applications are much more, which creates an unfavorable atmosphere around the industry. More or less successful second-type projects have a thoughtful working strategy for an adequate fair stimulation of users to pay for internal gaming resources. Such projects are relatively rare due to the lack of new interesting ideas. Some projects go according to the Ctrl-C — C — CTRL-V method, filling the last DAPP-Radar pages.

Take for example ordinary mobile games: Slotomania Vegas Casino Slots (earns about $ 20 million per month), and SLOTS — Wild7 Vegas Casino (earns $ 2982 per month). Both games are mobile slots, but the first is much more successful for the second due to the best advertising. The main weapon of DAPP-games marketers is the ability to earn a token. While cryptocurrency courses do not cause Haip, there is no interest in gaming currency and, accordingly, the game. If in December 2017, 14,000 users played daily in Crypto Kitties, it’s hardly closed 300.

This is the problem of most new games in the blockchain — the absence of another incentive except for earnings. As a result, advertising specialists have nothing to catch for allocating competitive advantages of the project.

Most of the population has no experience with cryptocurrencies, and DAPP makes them install a wallet and replenish it. Often at this stage and the installation process ends, as people in nature are lazy and do not want to carry out additional actions (especially related to finance and sphere in which they are incompetent). EOS Knights To solve this problem tied a wallet to an account of the social network.

The patent turns 1 out of 5 ideas, it is 20%. 20-30% are implemented from patents. Nine out of 10 startups die in the first years of life, 10% remain. Alternating these numbers, we obtain the following: 0.2 * 0.2 * 0.1 = 0.004, i.e. Only 1 idea of 250 becomes something worthwhile.

Now consider the number of potential new players in 2019. Number of users Metamask — 1 million people; TronLink — 36000; EOS plugin — 62. It is catastrophically not enough to appear something really popular. As a result, the logical output is asked — the cryptomyr does not yet have the soil to create a game like Clash of Clans, but everything can change with the solution of the problems described.