Bithumb Cryptobrian operator attracted $ 200 million investment development

The Bithum cryptocurrency exchange company received funding in the amount of $ 200 million from the Japanese St Blockchain Foundation to expanding activities.

Attracted funds will be aimed at the international development and addition of new shopping pairs. This step was followed after a recent statement by the largest South Korean trading platform about colossal losses ($ 180 million) for the results of 2018 and the loss of $ 13 million as a result of the platform hacking, which, according to the leadership, is an insider operation.

Although InvestFond is based in Japan, it includes European and American investors. Representatives of the company say that infusion will help the stock exchange to increase efficiency and reduce specific costs by increasing trade coverage.

Thus, ST dispelled any doubts about his faith to the local market, since the growth of the Bitcoland’s course causes a new interest among consumers from South Korea.

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