Bitcoin’s course will continue to grow: expert Rakib explained why

For the period from January 2019, the amplitude of oscillations of the price of Bitcoin decreased. Contrary to many forecasts of falling in March, the coin rate has stabilized, confidently passing for $ 4 thousand, and closed the first quarter with an increase of 10.9%, which is the best indicator since the end of 2017. However, what caused the current growth and how long will it last whether the long-awaited bullran started on the market?

The vice-presidential development and regulation of the Russian Association of Crypto Industry and Blockchain (Rakib) Valery Petrov answered these issues.

According to him, the stabilization of the price of Bitcoin is due to the three main reasons. First, it is a speculative demand that has increased after the fall of the CTS course to

«As a result, those who own the essential volumes of Bitcoin and can manipulate the market, will gradually prepare a new growth stage to earn on it. Naturally, the growth stage should be preceded by the stabilization stage, which we now observe «,

The second reason is that the negative consequences that we have seen after the price of Bitcoin’s prices caused by a large number of fraud in the ICO market and theft on cryptocurrency exchanges, now weakened, and there is no such negative information wave. All this forces investors to look for new options for earning using ATC, and new money come to this market.

The third cause, according to the expert, is a significant improvement in the quality of the work of the cryptoch. Most of the operations

At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s course (