Bitcoin’s course is fighting for the level of $ 5,000, and the capitalization of the crypton rose by another $ 23 billion

Today, the cryptocurrency market continues its ascending movement, and traders try to stabilize Bitcoin’s course above $ 5,000. At the same time, the daily increase in many altcoins exceeds yesterday’s indicators.

After yesterday’s sharp jump, the market took a small respite and again began to move up, overcoming new levels of resistance. Over the past 24 hours, the overall capitalization of the cryptomic increased by $ 23 billion, which in the relative ratio exceeds 14%. Trading volumes continue to be at a high level and market activity is reflected in the explosive increase in altcoin prices.

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In general, many analysts predict further growth of the PTS, although they do not exclude the possibility of kickback to $ 4,600. Since the market is clearly observed overbought, then in the next few days it is unlikely a confident breakthrough above $ 5,200. However, the trend will remain ascending while the price of Bitcoin will remain above $ 4240.

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