Bitcoin-wallet ELECTRUM subjected to DOS attack, users lost millions of dollars

The Electrum Bitcoin Wallet Administration reported on the ongoing DOS attack (refusal to maintain) to the company servers. To date, users have already stolen millions of dollars.

Electrum has been attacked by a complicated botnet consisting of 140 thousand computers. Hackers use a server failure to redirect users to fake software versions designed to theft of bitcoins. Researchers argue that DOS attack lasts for about a week and is held at a qualitatively new level.

The attackers even involved their own electrum servers for placement, maintenance and hacking fake cryptococheries. After synchronizing the loaded client with the lzherserver, users offer to update software, which leads to immediate loss of available means.

Representatives of the company hope to solve the problem in the coming days. The developers argue that those who have already installed Kripkochelek have already established the greatest risk and have not updated it since then.

In Suty, Electrum also appeared an ad, which says that customers below version 3.3 will not be able to connect more to general servers and should be replaced with newer, which is one of the ways to combat phishing actions of fraudsters. The company calls for users to upload only with, disable the option of auto inclusion and is working on improving the reliability of servers to solve the problem.

Analysts note that the number of kiberatak on the cryptococheries is continuously growing. Previously, the SEGASEC, which is responsible for the cybersecurity of Myetherwallet, reported that the project restrains a weekly on average