Bitcoin Course will reach $ 1 million on Mathematical Calculations of John Macafi

John Makafi’s forecast about Bitcoin’s cost at the beginning of 2020 risks not to come true, but the founder of the first company to develop anti-virus software continues to stand on its own. Macafa believes that the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 1 million according to mathematical calculations.

The American businessman did not provide specific formulas, but noted the differences between traditional financial resources and cryptocurrencies. Macafa believes that the overlapping of the Paradigm of the stock market for the future value of the main cryptocurrency is inappropriate. In his opinion, it is necessary to take the mining costs for the production of 1 BTC and the number of network users, which must definitely begin the growth of rapid pace. The decisive factor in increasing the price of the coin should be the mass adoption of digital currency due to complete confidence in the technology of the blockchain, and the strongest popularization tools are concentrated from the authorities.

Macafi is going to run for the presidency of the United States next year, and supporting the growing cryptosocial community can significantly increase the results of the election campaign. Due to the lack of a mathematical model for calculating the cost of BTC, the loud statements of the cryptoentziast are associated with the preparation of the soil for the upcoming elections.

Trust in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies among international regulators can greatly increase if the IMF and the World Bank will be satisfied with the result of the work