Binance, ShapeShift will cease Bitcoin SV trade, and Kraken polls users

After one of the largest BINANCE cryptobridge announced the Bitcoin SV delisting, the ShapeShift trading platform also decided to abandon the support of this asset, and the Kraken Exchange learns the opinions of users on this issue.

Yesterday, General Director of Binance Chanpen Zhao said that from April 22, cryptobyrusa will exclude all trading pairs with Bitcoin Sv. The official reason for such a decision was the inconsistency of the asset with the necessary standards of the platform.

However, at least, partly, such a step is due to the behavior of Craig Wright, standing at the Form BSV, who announced a reward of $ 5,000 for the establishment of a Twitter user with Nick Hodlonaut, insisting that he is not Satosha Dzamoto. He also behaved incorrectly in relation to other community members who did not believe in his history. Since Craig Wright did not respond to the threat of Chanpen Zhao to stop the support of the coin, the head of the BINANCE kept it.

Later, the CEO of ShapeShift, Eric Vurhis, announced that his exchanger for 48 hours would also exclude Bitcoin SV from the list of supported assets for the same reasons.

Another popular KRAKEN cryptobyrus is also considering the issue of delisting, but to make a final decision, conducts a survey of its users about the feasibility of such a step.

Earlier, we also reported that the AUGUR platform