Binance Dex will be launched at the end of April

The CEO of Binance Chanpeng Zhao said that the decentralized trade platform of the company will start fully work until the end of the current month.

About this, the head of one of the largest cryptobyringe of the world declared today at the Deconomy conference held in Seoul. However, no additional details revealed.

Public Testing Platform based on your own blockcha

In addition, Chanpeng Zhao also announced the opening of the Binance division in South Korea. The new platform will also start working until the end of April and will allow clients to operate not only cryptocurrency, but also with fiat paths.

In the near future, the company also intends to improve the Kryptokostelek of Prost Wallet’s own development. In addition to expanding the list of stored virtual assets, blockchain support will be added with the Proof-OF-Stake algorithm, which will allow coins and tokens holders to participate in the network and distribution of remuneration.

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