Bakkt was estimated at $ 740 million, but investors began to doubt the future profitability

According to the results of the Round of Financing of the A series, the Bakkt cryptograph estimate about $ 740 million, but investors began to discuss the future level of profitability and risks.

Sources close to the project reported The Block that Ice sold to 25% of the shares of its cryptocurrency division to foreign investors, such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Galaxy and Pantera. Now they began to reflect on how Bakkt will be able to achieve a predicted level of profitability with such a high estimate that exist regulatory barriers and five-month launch delay.

The estimated fee for the contract on the platform should be only $ 0.5, equated by many to 1 basis, which are several times lower than the current market conditions. In order to make it enough for commission, Bakkt will require very impressive volumes, and after starting the system will have to work flawlessly. Therefore, companies have to make a lot of effort to meet the expectations of investors.

In addition, the project has so far and did not receive the approval of the American regulator to launch Bitcoin futures. The delay has already led to two transfer of the date of the platform launch, and now the leadership does not even call the approximate time limits.

However, investors do not worry about their means, since an ICE agreement provides for the possibility of returning invested capital under certain conditions. Therefore, in the event of a long delay, they will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Although some do not exclude the option that Bakkt may soon organize the next fundraising, but then investors will start more interested in further prospects, since there are cheaper alternatives on the market.

Many large crypton players decided to take a break to reconsider their position and wait for the solution of regulators on new cryptocurrency products. One example is the recent