Antminer Z11 Preview for Mineland ZCASH

Bitmain announced a new way out

The main advantage of the Bitmain’s ACI is effective. The new apparatus calculates 135 ksol / s when electricity consumption 1418 W. Therefore, in 11 W, the Asian calculates 1 ksol. The old sample gives 1 ksol / 29 W, which is worse almost 3 times.

It would be useful to compare the noise level, but in the specifications this parameter is not specified. Both devices succumb to acceleration and require additional spending on the purchase of the power supply. Bitmain recommends an APW7 unit for $ 88 to 1800 W. At the current rate, the disposability of the device goes beyond 3 months, and taking into account the growth of Hesrayite steam up to 6 months or more.

Let us turn to the price. Antmine Z11 on the official website can be ordered in the amount of $ 1336, taking into account the power supply, while Z9 can be found for $ 450. At the Bitmain plant perfectly understood that Antmine Z9 must be sold to the announcement, which was done for previous months. Now Z9 is no longer on the site of the Bitmain store, like the Z11 (the first party has already received the SOLD OUT mark).

Now the first batch can be found on sites like eBay or specialized overbugs at a price of 1.3 — 1.6 times more expensive. Prices for Z9, on the contrary, will continue to fall and may have an idea to be purchased with oldations for mining ZEC, but this is also not worth a hurry due to the unpredictability of the Holsreit network.

The Chinese plant gave a number of paid lessons in which it was possible to learn how to rush with pre-orders for their equipment. Now Shakhtari from the CIS countries will first wait to reduce the price and monitor the Holsheitis chants of the ZCASH network and other coins with the Equihash algorithm. Chinese miners and dealers will acquire and launch most of the products, after which the picture will become clearer more clearly. Housing is expected to rise at least 50%.

Now everything is done to warm up interest in the new product: the ZEC course has grown significantly, and the Binance Exchange even launched additional trading pairs for ZCASH. Even the «SOLD OUT» of the first batch can be a marketing move. The reality is such that most of the owners of Z9 and Z9 mini have not yet paid off their equipment and, moreover, they are not going to buy Antmine Z11 at the current price.

The distribution of specialized equipment for mining is controlled by manufacturers. A new device almost always comes out of overpriced prices, which are falling over time. It suggests a logical conclusion — to wait. At the same time, old devices are sold, but they are no longer risking, because Hesreite’s growth will result in their payback by the years.

Thus, it is most profitable to wait for the fall in the Bitmain store and then to be addressed to order. The snag is that a significant reduction in prices usually occurs before the release of a new device, which makes this cycle infinite. Given the application of 12 nm technical process in the Z11, the next antminer for ZCASH will not wait long and will be equipped with a 7-nm chip.

You can make a profit from this scheme in three cases:

In the first version it is easier to just buy cryptocurrency. To implement the second method, you can consider the list