65% of Russians consider investments in Bitcoin unprofitable

According to a recent study of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion, 65% of citizens who heard about Bitcoin, consider investments in cryptocurrency disadvantages and only 2% of Russians owned coins.


At the same time, 47% know about cryptocurrency, they believe that coins can only be bought and cannot be involved in the process of creating them. 43% of citizens are confident that they can not pay for real goods, work, services.

The negative attitude of most traditional institutions and financial institutions has a significant impact on the opinion of Russians, 12% of which they consider bitcoins for the asset prohibited in Russia, and 29% are confident that the digital currency is easier to steal than Fiat.

The level of awareness of cryptocurrency is higher among the younger population aged 18-24 (67%), people with higher education (71%), residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (75%). It is also noted that men are more often interested in a new class of assets than women (66%).

According to Valery Fedorov’s general director, Valery Fedorova, since December 2017, the excitement in relation to virtual currencies clearly went to the decline, because during this time the indicators of awareness practically did not change, and the skepticism level was strengthened. In general, people began to be careful to investment in cryptocurrency.

The authorities do not trust public cryptocurrencies, so since December 2018 EAEP countries